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JUNE 19, 2008
© Amir Bey, 2007
Noted sculptor Richard Hunt's sculpture on 125th Street and Morningside Avenue in Harlem: getting restored -finally.
Until quite recently, a sculpture of Chicago based abstract artist Richard Hunt titled HARLEM HYBRID, located on a traffic island at 125th Street and Morningside Avenue in Harlem USA, had been neglected by the City of New York for many years. In October of last year, THE NEW TIMES HOLLER! featured video reportage of the sculpture's deplorable condition, with its black paint peeling away, surrounded by thorn encrusted bushes five feet high. It was certain rats were living in that area. This is a major thoroughfare for pedestrian and vehicular travel, yet it was allowed to stay in that condition for such a long time. THE NEW TIMES HOLLER! called the city's 311 information board and registered a complaint, and after a week was told that it wasn't in the Department of Sanitation's jurisdiction. THE NEW TIMES HOLLER! then called the appropriate Community Board and notified them of the sculpture's condition. This past week THE NEW TIMES HOLLER! received a call from Raphael McAden, a resident of the area, notifying us that workers from the Department of Monument Conservation have been clearing the area, and have begun to take steps to conserve the sculpture. Please view the video for a look at the sculpture's restoration in progress, followed by the earlier video that shows how up to two thirds of it was obscured by the bushes and debris. Or better, take a stroll along the street and observe restoration process. For some computers it may take a few minutes to load; or using a different browser may help.

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