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DEC 31 2007
© Amir Bey, 2007
Ken Hiratsuka, as he carves onto granite panels at 25 Bond Street, Manhattan
Ken Hiratsuka, an irrepressible stone carver of "The One Line", was born in Japan, resides in New York but he, along with his hammer and chisel is a citizen of the world. His goal is to carve "one line" around the world and to that end he has carved his one line in 19 countries and 5 continents. Recipients of his vigorous carvings are boulders near the ocean and slate panels on sidewalks, and most recently, he received a commission from a new condominium located on 25 Bond Street in Manhattan to carve his one line onto several granite panels in front of the building. There is also a free standing sculpture of his in the lobby. If one studies a piece of his, a continual line courses through the surface of a stone piece, whether it's a flat stone or a large boulder. Some of his pieces are small slabs of marble, some would need a derrick to move them, if so desired. Much of his work can be found on sidewalks in New York City's East Village, and if you are walking in that area and see a jagged yet purposeful line wandering on a stone sidewalk panel, most likely it's Kens!

Ken Hiratsuka talks about his one line concept, and how global warming may make it possible for him to carve a stone on Antarctica.
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