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OCTOBER 22, 2008
© Amir Bey, 2007
Election Day, November 4, 2008, done for 12 PM, Washington, DC.
Barack Obama. 7:24 PM, August 4, 1961 Honolulu, Hawaii. From his birth certificate
John McCain. 6:25 PM, August 29, 1936 Colon, Panama. From his birth certificate
Joseph Biden. 8:30 AM, November 20, 1942 Scranton, Pennsylvania. Time from a source unknown
Sarah Palin. 4:40 PM, February 11, 1964 Sandpoint, Idaho. Time from a source unknown



In the July 18 issue of THE HOLLER! an interpretation of Senator Barack Obama appeared (The Astrology of Barack Obama; see Archive for a more in depth focus on him). Then there wasn’t a reliable birth time for Senator John McCain. Recently a copy of his birth certificate and other birth records surfaced to allow a balanced astrological view of the two candidates.

John McCain was born on August 29, 1936 at 6:25 PM, EST, at Colon, Panama. His chart shows that in spite of the polls indicating Obama maintaining a significant lead, it ain’ over yet, y’all! There are certain developments on Election Day that are helpful to the Senator and his running mate, Sarah Palin.

First the Astro facts: he has a 5 degree 59 minute Pisces Ascendant, and a 2 degrees and 24 minute Aquarius Moon, with his Sun 25 minutes from the 7th House cusp. Four of his ten planets are in the 7th House, including his Sun, Neptune, Venus, and Mercury. His Jupiter is elevated in Sagittarius and is Squared by his Saturn, which is retrograde in his 1st House in the sign Pisces. This last aspect is consistent with his imprisonment as well as his being recognized for it; one may say being able to capitalize on the experience. His Pisces Ascendant along with his Jupiter/Saturn Square is one of the sources of his muddled projection and objectives during the campaign. The Ascendant and Saturn in Pisces can be symbolic of jail, jailers, confinement, shirking responsibility, frustrated emotions, an uncomfortable mix between the ideal and “real”. His Saturn also is in Opposition to his Venus and Neptune, which implies frustrations and materialism involving the social graces. Along with the Square to Jupiter, this configuration may inflict harsh treatment on him from others, and can be seen in some of the stodginess that he has displayed in the recent debates he had with Obama.

His Moon in Aquarius is in his 11th House but conjoins his 12th House cusp, giving him an external sociability that often masks hidden emotions. The Opposition from Pluto in his 5th furthers the idea of a complicated and intense emotional nature, one that borders on extremes. He has the potential of being a good psychoanalyst if he recognizes that the emotional currents that he is subject to exist in others. Not that these are negative traits. If he develops objectivity and reconstructs himself, there are many possibilities for him. His Moon also receives a Square from his Uranus, the planet of, yes, change. And that’s what he had to do following his release from the Hanoi Hotel, where he had been severely beaten for years. He had to reorient himself; eventually he no longer was going to follow in the footstep of his military ancestors, or his father and grandfather and become an admiral. He went to Washington as a military attaché and became acquainted with the legislator’s way of life. But that’s all history and anyone can, as Casey Stengel would say, “look it up”.

What’s helpful to McCain and Palin on Election Day? First, let’s include her birth info, February 11, 1964, Sandpoint, Idaho; the 4:40 PM time of birth isn’t from a document. In their natal charts McCain and Palin's Jupiters are both elevated and conjunct their Midheavens in Fire signs within 5 degrees, an affinity that can lead to success and it should be noted that Jupiter is associated with the Republican Party, yet its main drawbacks are exaggeration, over confidence and aggrandizement of their position.
Very importantly, this time puts her Moon in Aquarius at 3 degree 42 minutes, in a close conjunction with McCain’s. Even if she were born earlier in the day, her Moon would be in late Capricorn in what is known as a “hidden” conjunction to McCain’s. Thus they both will have Lunar Returns on that day, with the Moon passing from Capricorn to Aquarius, entering Aquarius at 7:01 PM EST, when voting will be going strong in most of the country. Meaning? That could be a pivotal time. The Moon is the public, and can represent social or popular trends. This suggests a late surge (he likes surges!) for them. In the east people will be getting off work to vote, while voting in California and the west coast will be picking up steam. Whether it will be enough to turn the tide in their favor remains to be seen. The Mountain and Central time zone states, McCain’s best regions, will be approaching late afternoon and early evening. Another lunar factor is the Progressed Moon of McCain’s on election day. It will be within minutes of Obama’s Solar Directed 7th House cusp, which could indicate trouble.

Nevertheless astrological aspects do not control, but like a weather report, forecast the likely nature of the day. One always has choices on a rainy day: wear a raincoat, use an umbrella, you can even swim, or you don’t have to go out at all. And so far, Obama, whose campaign mantra must be the word steady, has been making the right choices, no matter what the weather.

Looking at the patterns of the natal charts of the two pairs of candidates, Senator Joseph Biden’s is slightly different than the others. With their late afternoon births, those three have a western hemispheric emphasis, mainly focused on their 7th Houses, having stelliums (three or more planets) there. You might say that McCain and Palin have the most in common with their 7th House Suns as part of stelliums. It may seem that McCain’s choice of Palin and the frequency that they campaign together compared to Obama/Biden is part of some kind of strategy. On the other hand, their charts show them significantly linked through their Moons. In contrast, with Senator Joseph Lieberman (2/24/1942), the tight opposition between his and McCain’s Suns would be less integrative than with Palin’s lunar contact with McCain. Although many have suggested that Lieberman would have been his better or preferred running mate, relationships have fundamental connections that are often beyond assumptions of propriety.

What is fascinating is the obverse/reverse nature of comparisons between Obama and Palin’s charts. There have been many well written observations about Obama versus Palin, how she is his “shadow”. Astrologically, they are reverse mirrors: he is a Leo with Aquarius Ascendant, she is an Aquarius with Leo Ascendant; they both have that elusive yet intriguing Sun Square Neptune aspect, and at opposite phases. They are both, let’s face it, celebrities of sorts, charismatic figures. The view is that McCain chose her not only to shore up the conservative base of his party, but also to draw disaffected Hillary supporters. Taking a look at their charts, she also serves as a foil to much of Obama’s image, and that doesn’t only include his star power, but also counters the charm of Obama’s family with the multi-layered density of her five children, one with Down’s Syndrome and pregnant teenage daughter. Her selection by McCain happened at the time that the Obama family’s authenticity, beauty and grace was taking hold in the popular imagination during the Democratic Convention. Nonetheless, those distractions were temporal, and imagery didn’t replace a sober discussion of important issues.

Obama might crush McCain on November 4th. But it also seemed that he would have put Hillary Clinton away earlier than he did. The same obstacles that Obama faced with her he faces with McCain. While McCain claims to be the underdog poll-wise, it can also be said that Obama is the underdog concept and attitude-wise. The challenge for him is the average Joe and Josephine must absorb and support innovative notions; taking a new direction, having faith in a relatively unknown man’s vision, and his creative approach to government. Race is not what might give McCain this election. Both Gore and Kerry were better educated, had more experience in Washington, and had better military service records than George W. Bush, yet lost the elections in spite of having higher poll numbers and endorsements from newspapers. In this case I would argue that the “Lunar Factors” mentioned above could give the same result in this election. Here we have an overwhelmingly better financed candidate, better educated, high poll numbers and a phenomenal charisma that has universal appeal. Yet the uncertainty and fears that lurk in the American collective psyche can lead voters to vote against their self interests and best instincts, and this is something that the Republicans are good at exploiting.

Obama learned many lessons in his arduous struggle with Hillary Clinton, and the main one was that it ain’t over till it’s over, even though you may “know” it’s over. You’ll have to see the whole sometimes ugly process through to the end. At this typing, Obama is suspending his campaign for a few days to visit his ailing grandmother in Hawaii at a critical time when he has been maintaining a steady momentum, keeping McCain at a safe distance. The race is still on!
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