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September 7

As Hot Coals Burned, The Caldron Roiled

Tupac Shakur, the multi-talented rapper, actor, poet, of broad artistic capacity, was born on June 16, 1971, in East Harlem, New York. There is no known time for his birth.

1991, Age 20

The following rectified chart is taken from 13 events in his life.* Because he was just three months past his 25th birthday when he died, there are relatively few events with wide spans of time between them to work from.
I focused heavily on the shootings that he was involved in because 1): Two events, his fatal shooting, and a previous shooting, having fairly precise times because of police records, and another is within hours. Otherwise, many of his creative acts evolved through extended periods of development, not having precise times to be studied in the same way as the shootings.
2): The shootings are also events that can be seen as part of the trajectory of his life, and important natal configurations were at play.

Because he was born in New York City it is quite possible that his birth time was recorded and is on his birth certificate, yet unknown to the general public. Possibly his birth certificate might surface, and its time might confirm or disagree with how I see his chart. Or, that his planetary structures will be emphasized differently.

Tupac's Rectified Natal Chart:
June 16, 1971, 10:04 PM, EDT New York City. All charts are calculated for Placidus, Tropical zodiac, and using day/night Part of Fortune, the Part of Spirit, and the Part of Union, which is not day/night.

Aside from studying the timings of events, it can be asked whether Tupac had a Pisces Moon or an Aries Moon since the Moon entered Aries at 7:06 AM, EDT on June 16, 1971. Arguments for both signs offer interesting possibilities, which often happens when considering signs alone. With an Aries Moon an inventive, trailblazing, ardent, combative personality can be seen; the physical battles he had with people, from the police to individuals is described by that Lunar position. Mars, Aries' ruler, in Aquarius is consistent with his innovative challenges to the status quo no matter where his Moon is. With his Moon in Aries, placing his Mars in his natal 1st House would give more powerful manifestations than his Moon being in Pisces, also a sign of music and poetry. With a Gemini Sun and Moon in Pisces, multiple artistic expressions imply a more internal, even reactive side to the personality. Neptune in Sagittarius opposed by his Saturn/Venus conjunction, is something to consider, and it seems that many of the transits, including for the fatal shooting, have his Neptune/Saturn opposition at play.

My feeling is an Aries Moon fits his personality and his responses to situations more than having his Moon in Pisces. Possibly his Neptune/Jupiter conjunction opposite his Saturn/Venus conjunction accounts for what could be considered the poetic “Piscean” manifestations, and his Sun, Mercury, and Venus in a Gemini stellium (three or more planets in a sign) account for his multi-layered artistic expressions. The 10:04 PM EDT chart has his Moon in a tight applying opposition with Uranus in Libra, another indication of the challenges he faced with the authorities, and conflicts between the personal and collective. The Moon/Uranus opposition also accounts for the unusual circumstances of his birth, just weeks after his mother was released from prison. And her radicalism: she was one of the Panther 21, and by representing herself she won her case. She also fought to have milk and eggs daily to nourish Tupac when she was pregnant in Jail. Throughout his life his mother, Afeni Shakur, was a steadfast parent, and can be seen supporting him during different stages in his life. She was also responsible for his involvement in the arts at an early age. The Moon/Uranus opposition can be seen as how broad societal meshed with his upbringing.


Going through the rectification process leads to recognizing the important and sometimes interweavingplanetary structures. Mars is a dominant force: it is in the 1st House and in an applying square with the Midheaven, accounting for his vigorous assertiveness, irrepressible enterprise - he was one of the highest-selling recording artists in history, and the highest-selling rap artist. Mars, ruling his 10th and 3rd Houses, describes his conflicts, and tumultuous experiences in the professional sphere, his mental originality, writing, and how he was a verbal gladiator; it was trine Mercury; and less dynamic, his Mars was in a wide separating trine with his natal Sun. His natal Sun in the 5th House has a powerful, tight applying square with Pluto, a passionate, obsessive, powerful energy, subject to compelling inclinations. Irrepressible is a characteristic that is emphasized in many areas of his chart.

Tupac's assertiveness and individualistic expressions
Mars in the 1st House

This photo, shot in 1993, just before the star became a super star, was deemed the "best" of Danny Clinch's photography. He was impressed with Tupac's cordiality and obliging attitude and how the project flowed. Tupac's sense of theater helped as they worked. This photo was later used on the cover of Rolling Stone at his death.

His natal Mars in Aquarius with Mars in its natural house, has a strong presence in his actions and nature. Uranus, its ruler, is tightly opposite his Moon in Aries which it rules; he was rebellious, determined yet inconsistent, pioneering, unorthodox, a risk-taker.

A planetary combination that would be in effect no matter what time of day he was born is his Sun applying to a square with Pluto, a combination of power and vulnerability, of relentless energies. His Moon opposite Uranus was strong throughout most of the day. Mars in his 1st House describes his direct expressiveness, and his sometimes reckless aggression that was on display shortly before he was shot.


The 10:04 PM chart has the Ascendant at 19° Capricorn 42’, making Saturn his chart's ruler at 29° Taurus 48'. This puts his ruler at a critical position, leaving a sign as it enters the next one. Its in a tight opposition with retrograde Jupiter at 28° Scorpio 28', suggesting obstacles to his path as he proceeds through life; with Jupiter, some of those obstacles were legal, or were sometimes due to miscalculations. His Saturn conjunct Venus is a substantial contribution to his artistic ability. The 19° Capricorn 42’ Ascendant puts the progressed Sun at 19° Cancer 19’, in opposition to the Ascendant and approaching his natal 7th House at the time of his fatal shooting. His natal Mars, at 18° Aquarius 29’, went St.-Rx on August 22, 1994, at 21° Aquarius 57’; during the shooting Mars was in an applying conjunction in the same degree as the progressed Ascendant at 21° Aquarius 16'.

October 31, 1993 Atlanta, GA.
This is for an approximate time, 2:00 AM, EST

On the early morning hours of October 31, 1993, an altercation between Tupac and two off-duty white police officers occurred in Atlanta. The officers, brothers, were partying with their wives. They got into a confrontation when Tupac had unintentionally driven too close to them. The officers damaged Tupac’s windshield during the confrontation, and he drew his pistol, dropped on one knee, and wounded both officers, one in the abdomen, the other in the buttocks. Two years later it was determined that the officers had provoked the incident and he fired in self-defense. This was a historical rarity. A Black man who wounded to white officers in the South, had charges dropped.


The transits that night had a tight conjunction between Neptune and Uranus, within 4’, just over 1° applying to a conjunction with the 10:04 PM EDT natal Ascendant, squaring transiting Venus at 19° Libra, which conjoined his Zenith and also squared his Ascendant. The period of this conjunction and the accompanying events were pivotal, a beginning that was both dynamic and tense. This was the final conjunction between these planets, and the previous conjunctions had passed over his Ascendant, each planet having conjunctions to the Ascendant within days of each other, beginning February 4-6, 1993, and coincided with the film Poetic Justice, which was released on July 23, 1993 - among so many other events during that active period his active life. The period also included the infamous Nell's Club incident that resulted in his incarceration for sexual abuse. Mars and Pluto are conjunct in Scorpio in the 23° and 24°, squaring transiting Saturn at 23° Aquarius. That must have been a time of pent-up energies needing escape valves! The Moon for that night was a singleton in a Funnel Pattern, elevated and exalted in Taurus, yet in his natal 3rd House. The applying opposition to retrograde Mercury transiting his 10th House is a release valve, but it was not merely an expression; it was a volcanic explosion!


This chart is for the first time he was shot, 4 times and beaten, occurring at 12:25 AM on November 30, 1994, in New York City, according to police records. This shooting, appearing to be a robbery, may have been an attempt on his life. He was shot in the head twice with the bullets passing through his head without piercing his skull, once in the hand, and once in the leg, where the bullet then passed through his scrotum but caused no damage. Mars, ruler of the 8th House at 26° Leo 30’ in the 12th House, is squared by a Jupiter/Pluto conjunction, and is the focal planet of a Funnel Pattern and transiting his 7th House. Mars' position shows the social/"Open Enemies" aspect of this incident. Mercury should be considered here because it conjoins His Neptune/Jupiter conjunction, as it opposes his Saturn/Venus conjunction. The North Node conjoins his natal MC. He was having an approaching Jupiter return, with Pluto conjunct in Scorpio, as they opposed his ruler, Saturn. The Progressed Ascendant was 18° Aquarius 39', just 10' after conjunction with his natal Mars. Very critical conjunction, and we can see the results!




The fatal shooting’s transits, for Sept 7, 1996, Las Vegas, NV 11:15 PM PDT. Deaths are not considered in rectifications by some astrologers. I think death has validity in cases of sudden, or accidental deaths, where the person didn’t die from a long-term illness, thus giving relevance to the precise moment of death. Although he died 6 days later, the shooting time is more relevant, having more meaning than the time he was officially pronounced dead.

Tupac and Suge Knight minutes before he was shot.

Some essentials: Tupac was invited to attend the championship fight of Mike Tyson vs. Bruce Seldon by Tyson, who was his close friend. At first he didn't want to go, but later changed his mind. One month previous to the fight, Orlando “Baby Lane” Anderson alledgedly snatched an exclusive Death Row Records necklace from a Death Row member. After the fight, Anderson was pointed out to Tupac and the entourage as they were leaving the MGM Grand Hotel lobby. Tupac went to Anderson and demanded "You from the South?" (South Compton), then punched him, knocking him down. A security video shows the incident in silent, ghostly blurred images, with Anderson surrounded, being punched and kicked. It is an eerie sight: Anderson being attacked by Tupac and his crew, with Tupac afterwards storming through the hotel lobby where this occurred at the head of his entourage, all moving intensely. Suge Knight, the founder of Death Row Records, can be seen walking behind Tupac. Because this was just three hours before the fatal shooting, was it a death march? As he and Suge Knight sat in a car at the head of the convoy carrying the entourage, waiting for a light to change, someone in a white Cadillac drove by and riddled the car with bullets, hitting Tupac four times, once in the lung, which eventually proved to be fatal, while wounding Knight in the head. Knight claimed that Tupac received his wounds trying to protect Knight. Knight also said that Tupac was joking most of the time to the hospital.

No one was ever charged, and witnesses either refused to offer evidence, and the police did not pursue all leads. Many people including the police suspected Anderson, although Anderson vehemently denied being the killer. Statements made by Anderson's uncle after Anderson died from a shootout unrelated to Tupac's murder 18 months later, claimed that Anderson pulled the trigger. His uncle, who admitted to being in the car, and was thus an eye-witness, testified that they had delivered a message to meet where Tupac and Anderson could fight it out one on one. When Tupac and Suge didn't show up, they searched for them, eventually seeing the convoy of cars that followed Tupac and Knight. They pulled up alongside their car and Anderson fired. Even if Anderson was not the killer, since Tupac confronted him with "You from the South?" before punching him, it is likely this was a revenge-killing for Anderson's beat-down. With Tupac's lung removed, the loss of one of his fingers, and damages he suffered to his voice, it was not likely that Tupac could have performed again if he had survived. That is why his mother had him taken off life support: she felt he would not want to have lived like that.

A brief examination of the planets for Anderson's birth date - August 13, 1974, Compton, CA, for noon, shows his Sun 20° Leo and Mercury 16° Leo, opposing Tupac's important Mars, 18° Aquarius 29', from Tupac's 7th House. Anderson's Moon also widely conjoins Tupac's Sun, as it squares his Pluto. Anderson's natal Mars at 10° Virgo 49' also opposes Tupac's progressed Moon, which was at 10° Pisces 19', and although out of 1° orb, is approaching an opposition to Tupac's Directed Mars at 12° Pisces 32'. All important Mars/Sun/Moon/ contacts! The transiting Moon and Mars conjoin Anderson's Venus, as they square his Uranus.

Directed Neptune, at 25° Sagittarius 07’, is tightly opposite and applying to his Natal Sun at 25° Gemini 14’. Another example of how Neptune figures into his life’s events. The Secondary Progressed Neptune at 0° Sagittarius 33’, is conjunct transiting Pluto, also at 0° Sagittarius 33’, opposing his natal Saturn at 29° Scorpio 48’, and transiting Moon opposite transiting Neptune, furthers Neptune’s significance in these charts.

Natal Neptune figures in these incidents because it opposes natal Saturn, his ruler, while in the shooting transiting Neptune opposed the Moon, his natal 7th House ruler. Neptune, associated with conspiracies, brought dissolution, erosion, made him vulnerable, and in the fatal shooting combined effects from his open enemies - the 7th House, and Neptune, his secret enemies. His natal Mars, tightly trining his Mercury, widely his Sun in Air signs, conjunct his North Node, emphasize his originality, daring, and inventiveness, yet also brought dangerous impulses through its square to the MC, as did his natal Sun’s square with natal Pluto. Mike Tyson said that he was a "Force," and you "Couldn't control him." Tragically, the depth and diversity of his talent’s promise was not realized because he could not resist powerful impulses that in the end propelled him to situations that he could not control.


At the risk of making a simplistic Astro-comparison, Tupac shares a Capricorn Ascendant and an Aries Moon with Malcolm X. The chances of anyone having the same Ascendant and Moon is loosely about 1 in 144; tennis champion Novak Djokovic has that combination, so it is not such a rarity. Capricorn, a sign that is a part of the maturation process, asks what if Malcolm's life had ended at 25? It was close: Malcolm was in jail at that age - at the end of his "Detroit Red" phase, doing serious time for grand larceny. Malcolm did not have the social consciousness and dedication that he soon expressed. Tupac at that age and before was making social statements and had a sense of himself as a public figure. But it seems that Tupac was conflicted between Thug Life, and broad social commitment, with the "Dark Side" winning. Considering Capricorn's role with development and discipline, from the perspective that the discipline Malcolm received by being removed from the streets allowed for his development. With Tupac, the promise of his creative destiny went unfulfilled.

Capricorn is one of the signs of the father. Its ruler, Saturn, describes the routes they took; Malcolm’s is retrograde, and elevated, suggesting unusual circumstances: his father died when he was young, (his cause of death has recently been debated; see The Dead Are Arising, The Life of Malcolm X, by Les Payne) upending the whole family, causing separation between him and his siblings. Malcolm's relationship with Elijah Muhammad can be likened to Malcolm's search for his absent father. Tupac did not know his father, although he encountered him at least once, there wasn’t the abrupt separation as with Malcolm. Tupac's Saturn was not retrograde, and in Taurus, compatible with it; but it was in the last degree of the sign, and opposed by Jupiter and Neptune, so there were challenges to it. However, Tupac had the dedication of his mother as a stable guide, whereas Malcom’s mother eventually broke down from the strain that was put on her by her situation and state regulations.
There is also their Mars' status to consider. Tupac's Mars was dynamically placed in his 1st House square his MC, and its trines with his Mercury and Sun; Malcolm's Mars was in its Fall in Cancer, conjunct Pluto in the 7th House. Gee, Malcolm's Mars is in more trouble!
If Malcolm's life had ended at the same age as Tupac's, he would have been a forgotten statistic, as Malcolm termed himself, a "petty criminal" whose life terminated in prison. Their Capricorn risings along with other aspects in their charts gave them iconic characteristics. Yet dear reader, why did their lives take different turns? Who were their muses?

LA Times

~ INFO ~

Here are graphs and data from Astrolab's Jig-Saw rectification software. Please note that the times listed are for EST, and not EDT, which was in effect at his birth. The graphs' results for degrees and signs of the Ascendants and Midheavens may not be what the angles and birth times actually were. They could be merely signficant points for Tupac, and thus can serve as a guide. For example, I tested the program using my birthdate but entered no time. The results did not list my correct time or angles, but instead listed important degrees such as those connected to my Saturn.

*This is a list of the 13 events that were used to rectify Tupac Shakur's chart.

The times that have the most resonance: shows 9:32 PM EST at 73% with the most hits between transits, Secondary Progressions, and Solar Arcs, slightly edging a 2:33 AM EST time, and not too far behind is a 12:25 AM EST time with 67% overall hits. The associated Ascendants and Midheavens are listed.

The highest incidence of degrees: 11° is the most frequent degree for transits - which corresponds to his progressed Moon, and directed Mars; 21°-22° for Secondary Progressions occurring more frequently, which corresponds with his natal Ascendant and Mercury.
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